Anderson, Dorothy, Mark & Teddi                                                               623-374-2620
          Dolls, Coins, Jewelry, Baskets, Bottles

Anderson, Ed & Arlene                                                                                  928-649-6064                  
          Soda bottles and old beverage advertising                                                             Email:    Arlene - ndgal@swiftwireless.com
                                                                                                                                                       Ed - oneiaguy@swiftwireless.com

Beard, David                                                                                                   602-973-6323                    
          Salt glaze stoneware and whisky jugs                                                                        Email:  dmb10@cox.net

Birch, Carol & Eddie                                                                                       623-773-1173                    
          Fiestaware, bisque dolls, flashlights                                                                           Email:  CJSBDZ@aol.com

Branin, Keith, Roxanne, Pat, Robert                                                             302-562-6726                    
          Postcards, State of Delaware items                                                                           Email:  Kb19808@aol.com

Bright, Jim & Arlene                                                                                        928-443-1862                    
          Arizona milk bottles, Yuma AZ memorabilia,                                                           Email:  harveyseeker@cableone.net
          Fred Harvey, and Arizona ashtrays and glasses                                    

Brisson, Cactus Joe & Linda                                                                          505-948-0993                    
          Unusual closure canning jars; jar ring boxes, jar                                                   Email:  cactusjoe@cactusjoesstuff.com
          wrenches, barbed wire, early SW bottles, marked paving stones
Carr, Dave & Helm, Lisa                                                                                  602-253-6772
          Dave: Kerosene lanterns, bottles, insulators, spittoons, & mining artifacts    Email:  Dave – aznative56@hotmail.com

          Lisa: Silver, china, linens, door knobs, radios & architectural salvage               Email:  Lisa – hlh51@aol.com

Clifford-Anderson, Karen                                                                                623-772-7472                    
          Royal Doulton Salt cellars, butter pats,                                                                      Email:  Kcliffander@yahoo.com
          antique/collectible books  & vintage linens

Colton, Earl & Anne                                                                                         602-866-9219 or 602-944-3829   
          Breyer horses, Military vehicles & memorabilia, Jim Beam bottles, gas station items

Coyne, Lee                                                                                                        602-326-9172                    
          Antique lace & related items Antique sewing                                                            Email:  lcoyne3@cox.net                              
          tools, buttons

Curtis, Keith & Rhonda                                                                                   520-744-6307
          Bottles of all types                                                                                                           Email:  delmarc@comcast.net

Deets, Mike & Betsey                                                                                      641-923-3290  or  641-430-2730
           Stoneware, pottery, glass, primitives                                                                        Email:  md@mach3ww.com

DeJong, Joan                                                                                                    602-375-2532
            Postcards, Photographs, Stereo, View cards,                                                        Email:  paperbunni@msn.com
            perfume bottles, Vanity items, tiny boxes, Silhouettes, etc.

Dixon, Susan & James                                                                                    602-272-3773
            Dolls, Depression Glass, Pottery, Glassware, Silver Items

Frey, Hillard & JoAnn                                                                                     520-790-5797
            Old bottles, Tucson memorabilia, Raisin cartoon characters                           Email:  Snoape520@aol.com
George, Jerry & Patty                                                                                    623-386-0673 Patty Cell 692-908-1053
            Blakely Gas Station Items; Hurrican/Oil Lamps;                                                   Email: blakelycollectibles@yahoo.com
            Blythe, CA & AZ items, EAPG Pressed Glass                                                          or azcollector@cox.net
                                                                                                                                                      website: blakelycollectibles.com

Gillis, Sherry & Heib, Chris                                                                           480-460-3535
            Jadite green dishes & Fiestaware                                                                            Email:  missgigi@cox.net

Grapentine, Bryan & Pearl                                                                           602-993-9757 May-Sept 928-708-0831
           Calendar plates, Blue Ridge China, Small Ink Bottles,                                         Email:  bgrapentine@msn.com
           Scent & Cologne bottles made by the Boston & Sandwich Glass Co.

Green, Winn & Frank - Antique Outpost                                                     602-943-9594
           Postcards & Various Smalls                                                                                      Email:  Wgreen5309@aol.com

Gustafson, Jackie                                                                                          602-618-9280
           Blakely, 1950’s reindeer, 76 Bicentennial,                                                              Email:  Gustj012@aol.com
           64-65 World’s  Fair, 50-60’s Pyrex, squirrel  figurines

Harris, Alice & Jack Schuling                                                                        480-226-3669
                                                                                                                                                     Email:  AH-MH@cox.net

Harris, Craig & Susie                                                                                    480-946-2285
            Arizona Milk Bottles, Uhl pottery, Quilts,                                                              Email:  SUZYQ1940@aol.com
            Enamel state charms for bracelets, Silver Indian stick pins and  Sweetheart & city hankies

Hartnett, Ron & Betty                                                                                   602-317-4438
            Betty-Celluloid, Vintage linens & hankies, dolls                                                   Email:  bettchem@cox.net
            vanity items, sewing items, Colgate-Palmolive, Heinz, Blue Ridge China.
            Ron -Depression Glass

Hayne, Gail & Robert                                                                                     602-953-3020 Cell 602-881-6054
             Restaurant china, Bakelite utensils                                                                         Email:  rghayne@cox.net

Holmes, Donald & Scott, Nancy                                                                   602-253-6295
             Bird Dog items, Waffle Irons, Feline-abilia, Finer Shotguns                              Email:  dholmes@cox.net

Hopwood, Rick & Karen                                                                                928-925-0656 Rick’s Cell
             Arizona related items – Bottles, Railroad, Mining &                                           Email:  rkhop@cableone.net
             Advertising. Gray graniteware, Purple glass, Fred Harvey and Santa Fe RR

Houg, Dennis                                                                                                 928-343-1916
                                                                                                                                                      Email:  dthoug@yahoo.com

Huey, Virginia                                                                                                480-415-4942
             Quilts, Jewelry, Blakely, tins, pottery, Indian pottery, Victorian clothes, coke bottles

Kilbarger, Bob & Verna                                                                                 602-996-8359
              A little bit of everything                                                                                            Email:  bobvernak@hotmail.com

Knirsch, John & Steffany                                                                               623-334-3527 & 623-330-1747
              Hall China, Borden’s Dairy items, Texaco collectibles                                      Email: skjkknirsch@q.com
              and Restaurant creamers/crocks

Kormylo, Tom & Lauren                                                                                602-263-8404
               Medicine tins, Max Factor, Arts& Crafts Coll.                                                     Email:  Owl4343@msn.com

Luffman, Robert “Bob”                                                                                  480-399-5807
               Bottles and more                                                                                                      Email:  luffman@cox.net

Mares, Steve & Colleen                                                                                 480-835-1780
               Bottles, Railroad (non-paper),                                                                                Steve Email:  smares@cox.net
               Porcelain signs & Stoneware.                                                                                 Colleen Email:  clizstuart@yahoo.com

Margraf, Richard & Karen                                                                             480-836-9650
               Coca Cola Bottles                                                                                                      Email:  karenandrick@cox.net

McCourt, Julia                                                                                                760-949-7669
               Milk Bottles, Shooting items (ammo boxes), Purple glass                              Email:  Jam2dogs@msn.com
               Franciscan October, Annie Oakley

Miller, Mary & David                                                                                      480-831-6649
                                                                                                                                                      Email:  maryvwxyz@cox.net

Moe, Anne                                                                                                      480-967-2649
               Victorian novelties, Sterling Christman ornaments                                         Email:  Amjosephs_99@yahoo.com
               Pre-1940 Christmas ornaments, Iron miniatures

Niemiec, John & Carlson, Craig                                                                    480-836-7108
               American Brilliant Cut Glass                                                                                  Email:  Craig447@aol.com

Novak, Dennis                                                                                               602-200-4769
               Decoys, Guns, Ammo Boxes, Coins, Archery                                                    Email:  paperdecoy@gmail.com

Paulsen, George                                                                                           602-384-7375

Phillips, Bud                                                                                                  928-680-6946
               Bottles, Coins, Marbles, Shaving mugs, Guns, Old boats & motors

Price, Robert A. & Merry                                                                              574-930-9330
              AZ and 50 state milk bottles                                                                                   Email:  priceraml@yahoo.com

Ramsdale, Bob & Lyn                                                                                   602-896-2714
               Stoneware Ginger Beer & Root Beer Bottles                                                   Email:  bcrams98@yahoo.com

Richshafer, Robert & Fran Rosenberg                                                       480-661-0439 & 480-657-0223
               Robert: Historical Arizona, Newspaper Documents,                                     Email:  Robert robrich5683@hotmail.com
               Americana, 19th Century  Advertising & Ephemera
               Fran: Clocks, Art, Display Liquor Bttles, Sculptures, Large Display Perfume Bottles

Ross, Laura                                                                                                   623-878-3334
               Westmoreland Milk Glass, Copper, Cook Books,                                            Email:  ljross50@gmail.com
               Smokers, Ink Bottles & Pens

Runner, Tricia                                                                                               602-944-1956
                Blakely, Depression Glass particularly Patrician and                                    Email:  thepmrunner@yahoo.com
                Redwing Pottery

Snyder, Virginia                                                                                           480-861-2874
                Antique toy sewing machines; Fiestware; art deco;                                     Email:  vsantiques@yahoo.com
                Bakelite jewelry & silverware

Streit, Gary                                                                                                   480-732-9786
                Smokey Bear, Roseville Pottery & Depression Glass.                                   Email:  Gary53bear@aol.com

Straub, Robert Straub Trading Post                                                          928-308-3486

Temarantz, Bob                                                                                           520-326-1597 - 52-912-6102 Cell
                Tokens, Vintage Advertising, AZ Photos                                                          Email:  AZsnipe@hotmail.com

Thorpe, Teri                                                                                                 602-861-4708
                                                                                                                                                   Email:  teriinthegarden@gmail.com

VanDeman, Brent & Dana                                                                           602-818-6490
                Arizona Embossed soda, drugstore & whiskey bottles                               Email:  Azokie99@cox.net
                and other embossed antique bottles of interest

Yeager, John, Jerry, Carolyn & Charlotte                                                   602-253-8790
                Oil, Signs, Old China, Liquor & bar items